Sunday, September 10, 2017

Bible Memory Verse Crafts

It is important to learn verses from the Bible and apply it to our lives. One of the most important things for our children to learn are Bible verses. The verses your child memorize will help guide our children throughout their lives.

These crafts below will help your children memorize Bible verses that will teach them about God and what He expects from them.

*I add to this list when I find new activities. Be sure to check this post often.

Memory Verse Crafts Memory Verse Crafts Memory Verse Activities for the Old Testament Memory Verse Activities for the New Testament The following templates can be used for creating your own memory verse activities or mini-crafts. Bible Verse Puzzle (to make using your own verse) Pocket Bible Verse Craft Bible Memory Verse Crafts by Mary Tucker (limited preview) Bible Memory Verse Crafts by Mary Tucker (sample) Bible Verse Crafts (scroll down for this) Bible Verse Crafts Bible Verse Craft Ideas


Make a banner saying “____” or your favorite verse from today’s lesson out of felt, construction paper or foam sheets. Mosaic Mini Banner

Bookmarks & Door Hangers

Make a bookmark or doorhanger of your favorite verse. Make your own bookmark from your favorite passage from today’s lesson. Laced bookmarks with templates Bible Bookmark Craft Several different kinds of bookmarks to make Make your own bookmarks and print them out. Custom printable doorknob hanger

*Or Google door knob hanger templates and use ideas from above.

Printable Bible Verse Material Scroll down to boy cards and girl cards Free Printable Bible Verse Materials Bible Verse Cards Printable Bible Verse Cards (Matthew 5:3-10)
English or Spanish Cute Bible Verses For Today’s Young Children Bible Verse Memorization Card Maker (scroll down to this)
Make several different kinds of cards. Verse Card Maker Printable “Bible Verses Memory Cards” For Kids ABC Printable Scripture Cards Bible Verses for Children (theme pockets, verse visuals, etc.) 10 Best Bible Verses for Children {free printable!} Scripture Memory Cards For Catholics- Printable Printable ABC Scripture Cards For Catholics- FREE!


Gidget Girl Reading said...

great sites I've starred this in my google reader :)

here was ours I made a neat memory verse card she loves:

I will make one weekly this verse is great I can't wait to introduce it to her :)

Gardenia said...

love the banner and the bible verse cards. thanks for these links!