Friday, March 4, 2011

Celebrating the Mass Lesson- Opening Procession

(This lesson is in accordance with the new Roman Missal that is to be implemented on November 27, 2011.)

*Be sure to adjust this lesson to fit the needs of your students.

(Please take in consideration that I am just a Mom and I'm providing these lessons and activities to the best of my abilities. I will try to make them as accurate as possible, but I know I will make a few mistakes and it was not intentional.)

Mass begins with everyone standing and singing the opening hymn. If incense is used the procession is lead by a thurifer carrying a thurible with burning incense. Next comes the cross bearer holding aloft the Processional Cross and usually there are two altar servers holding candles on either side. If there are other servers, they follow behind the cross bearer. If there are concelebrants (one or more priests who are not the principle celebrant), they come next. Then comes the deacon or lector who carries the Book of the Gospels overhead. Last is the presider of the liturgy, a priest or bishop. If there are two deacons, one will be with the Mass celebrant. When they arrive at the sanctuary of the church, together they make a profound bow toward the altar. The Book of the Gospels is then placed on the altar. The deacon and priest will go to the altar and venerate (honor) it by kissing it. If appropriate, the priest incenses the cross and the altar. The priest then walks and stands in front of the celebrant’s or presider’s chair. During the whole procession we stand and sing the opening hymn.


If incense is used who carries the thurible? (The Thurifer.)

What does the cross bearer hold aloft? (The Processional Cross.)

Who carries the Book of the Gospels? (The deacon or Lector.)

Who is last in the Procession? (The presider of the liturgy, a priest or bishop.)

What happens when they all arrive at the sanctuary of the church? (Together they make a profound bow toward the altar.)

What does the deacon and priest do when they go to the altar? (They venerate it by kissing it.)

What are we doing during the Opening Procession? (We stand and sing the opening hymn.)


What does the cross bearer hold aloft? (The Processional Cross.)

Make crosses. Cross Crafts (several cross crafts listed) Mosaic Cross
Easy cross necklace/magnet that all kids can make. Colors of Christ Cross (neat tip at the bottom for younger students) Stained Glass Cross Craft Stained Glass Cross Cross Crafts for Kids (lots of different kinds are posted)


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Opening Procession (for younger students)- Cut out pictures and trim. With the pictures that are given, glue them in the proper order that they appear in the Opening Procession.

Opening Procession- Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


Anonymous said...

What (if any) is the proper way to hold the processional cross?78

Amazing_Grace said...


This is what I found:

The cross must always be carried with dignity. The best way is to hold the cross firmly with both hands in the middle of the pole. Relax your elbows by your sides. Carry the cross slightly raised from the ground. Where on the pole you hold will depend on your height…just be sure you hold it firmly and that the position looks relaxed and dignified.

Unknown said...

In the order of the procession, where do the Gospel lectors an Holy Eucharist ministers go?

Amazing_Grace said...

It is different for each church. There could be a standard, but I do not know what it is.

Amazing_Grace said...

I just found this. I hope it helps.