Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bible Questions Answered For Kids

Have your students or your child asked you a question about God, Jesus, or the Bible and you were at lost as to what to say? Don’t feel bad because many of us are in the same boat and need a little help now and then to answer these questions. So what do we say? Well, here is a website that teachers, parents, and children can use to help understand those questions that are hard to explain. The goal of is to answer the questions that kids ask in a way that kids can understand (Protestant).


joleek said...

Thanks for your great site! I just wanted to comment on this link. I am sure that some of the information on this link would be helpful, but be careful. This link is not a Catholic site. It includes a lot of evangelical information about being "saved", witnessing, the rapture, etc. As with anything you find on the internet, make sure you review any material completely before using it in your CCD classroom.

Amazing_Grace said...

joleek- Oh, yes. Anything you find on the internet must be reviewed. At least the site gives you some ideas to start from. Once I get going, I seem to do well. :)