Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Catholic ABC's (The Book)- A Catholic Preschool Curriculum

Lacy at has just came out with a Catholic preschool curriculum that you have to check out. It includes separate teacher scripts for both homeschoolers and classroom teachers. You could use this book to teach your child, a group of children in your home, a class at a Catholic preschool co-op, or a whole preschool CCD class- your options for teaching are limitless, and this book makes everyone a teacher. This book has new crafts, 5 brand new unit studies, guides for setting up your classroom and organizing your materials, bible verses that go with each lesson, visual aids of full color artwork from the religious masters, and more! It also has unit studies, to learning the alphabet, to crafting, singing, and counting- this book strives to make learning (and teaching) fun! All the templates, coloring pages, etc that are needed for Catholic ABC's are included in the "Master Copies" section of the book. They're bound in so they won't get lost. Catholic ABC’s (The Book) Preschool Curriculum