Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crafty Crafters: Laundry Detergent Cap

So how crafty are you?

What is your favorite religious craft you make using a laundry detergent cap?

Here is a craft your students can make for the Bible story “Jesus in the Temple”.

Introduce craft: When Jesus was a little boy, where did he get his toys? (They made them.) We are going to make us a toy to play with.

Make a hole near the top of the rim using a drill prior to class. Cut twine to about 2 feet long. Have students tie one end of the twine to the lid through the hole you just drilled. On the other end of the twine tie a large bead to it (2 beads if they are small).

To play- Hold the cup letting the string hang down. Swing the bead up and try to catch it inside the cup. For competitive play, whoever gets the most catches out of 10 or 20 tries wins.

Please leave a comment so others can get ideas for crafts.

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