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Cranium Catholic Edition

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*All graphics/images/clipart etc. used on this game are not my own and are from various internet sources.

Cranium Catholic Edition is based on the game Cranium.

Cranium Catholic Edition- For 2 teams of 2 or more players. If you are a large group, you can divided into as many as 4 teams as long as each team has 2 players. The game is longer, but just as fun! The Cranium Catholic Edition Game is outrageously fun and gives players a chance to show off their talents. Players team up to cruise around the board completing activities in 4 color-coded categories.


Each team chooses a marker and places it on the Planet Cranium space labeled START. On your first turn and on every time you are on a Planet Cranium space, your team can choose from any of the 4 character cards: Creative Cat (blue), Data Head (red), Star Performer (green), and Word Worm (yellow). The team to your right draws your card and reads it out loud. Then they turn over the timer and your team must successfully complete the activity before the time runs out. After successfully completing an activity, you roll the die at the end of your turn. You must though, stop at every Planet Cranium- even if your roll would otherwise take you past it. The color of the space your marker lands on matches the color of the Cranium activity card you will play on your next turn. If you are not successful, you stay where you are and wait until your next turn to try again. If you roll purple, zoom straight ahead to the next Planet Cranium. When the die lands on white, the teacher reads an All Play card aloud and all teams try to answer the question. The first team to shout out the correct answer before time runs out wins an Instant Bonus Roll. After an All Play card is played, the winner takes one bonus roll and moves. Then the team whose turn is was when the All Play card was drawn takes its regular turn. To win, enter the Cranium Circle on a roll at the end of a turn. On your next turn, the other team collectively chooses a character card for your final activity. If you are unsuccessful, you can try again on your next turn. If your team is the first to successfully complete an activity in Cranium Central, congratulations! You won Cranium!

Creative Cat (blue)- A player must clue a word to his or her teammates by drawing it, sculpting it in clay, or drawing it with their eyes closed.

Star Performer (green)- Players must hum a prayer or song, impersonate a character from the Bible, or act out a clue.

Word Worm (yellow)- Players unscramble words, spell challenging words, guess definitions, or spell words backwards.

Data Head (red)- A variety of Catholic trivia questions.

All Play (white)- A assortment of difficult Catholic questions all teams compete at the same time to win an Instant Bonus Roll.


Need- 5 small baskets, markers (one for each team), timer (1 minute), 1 can of play dough, paper and pencils, 1 die (place colored stickers on 5 sides of the die- blue, green, yellow, red, and purple. Place a white sticker on the other side.

Playing pieces can be coins, colored buttons, game pieces from other games, fish rocks for the bottom of aquariums, craft foam cut into shapes, glass rocks for vases, etc. You can paint small objects such as rocks, small plastic tops or caps, etc. You can also buy pawns at dollar stores.

Print out cards on colored card stock. Laminate or cover with clear contact paper to make them last. Creative Cat (blue), Word Worm (yellow), Star Performer (green), Data Head (red), All Play (white). Store cards in individual Ziplock bags until ready for use.

Print out Game Board and glue on the inside of a file folder. Laminate or cover with clear contact paper to make it last.

*Use the Game Cards that are provided or make your own. You can also make cards specific to what you have been learning in your classroom. There are 500 Game Cards for you to choose from. Note: Please take in consideration that I am just a Mom and I'm providing these question cards to the best of my abilities. I tried to make them as accurate as possible, but I know I probably made a few mistakes and it was not intentional.

Cranium Catholic Edition Game- Directions, Game Board, 500 Game Cards

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