Thursday, August 11, 2022

Activities, Crafts, Coloring, Games, Puzzles, Worksheets for Prayers or Scripture More than 100 Missions Bible Memory Games and Other Activities

The Catholic Toolbox- Bible Memory Verse Activities Memory Activities to use for Prayers (some great ideas here)

Memory Activities and Games for Prayers- Here are some memory activities that you can use for prayers or scripture.

Prayer Memorization Ideas- to use in your classroom or home Printable Prayer Starters for Kids- Teaching Independent Prayer Memory Verse Reward/Tracker

The Catholic Toolbox- Catholic Prayer Book Printables for Kids

Bedtime At Our House/Prayers- How we learn prayers at our house.

The Catholic Toolbox- Prayer Crafts

Worksheets for Prayers- for all ages Catholic Handwriting Books (print out the prayer copy sheets in print or cursive for your students to do) What’s Wrong
A fun game to that you could have the students learn prayers or scripture.

*Write the prayer on strips of paper or card stock. Cut out strips and glue strips of the prayer in the proper order on a piece of construction paper. (For younger students you can do this together as a group activity.) You can also play this as a game by dividing the class into teams and give each team the strips of the prayer. See which team can put it in the proper order the fastest.

The Catholic Toolbox- Name That Prayer File Folder Game (scroll down for this)
The objective of the game is to get to FINISH first by answering questions about prayers.

Individual Prayers:

Act of Contrition- activities, coloring, games, puzzle, worksheets

Apostles Creed- lessons, coloring, crafts, games, puzzles, worksheets

Glory Be- activities, coloring, crafts, games, puzzles, worksheets

Grace Before Meals- activities, coloring, crafts, games, worksheets

Guardian Angel Prayer- activities, coloring, crafts, games, worksheets

Hail Holy Queen- activities, coloring, crafts. games, puzzles & worksheets

Hail Mary- activities, coloring, crafts. games, puzzles, worksheets

Nicene Creed- activities, crafts, games, puzzles, worksheets

Our Father/Lord’s Prayer Activities- activities, coloring, crafts, games, puzzles, worksheets

Sign of the Cross- activities, coloring, crafts, puzzle, worksheets

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