Thursday, October 5, 2017

Prayer Crafts

craftingthewordofgod- I Can Pray . . .
This craft will serve as a reminder and let the kids know they can pray at any time. Prayer Craft for Preschoolers Prayer Bible Crafts and Activities Praying Hands Memory Verse Craft Prayer Boxes Remind Children to Pray Prayer Poster (scroll down to this) Craft: How to Make a Prayer Cube for Kids How to Make Prayer Jars – Religious Craft Activity & Lesson Prayer Crafts for Kids DIY Prayer Hands for Kids Prayer Hands Craft Praying Hands Craft Don’t Frog-et to Pray Prayer Poster Craft (scroll down to this) Prayer Pail Lord’s Prayer Chain & Lord’s Prayer Fold Up Revealer (scroll down for these). Remember to change these to your faith’s teaching

The Catholic Toolbox- Catholic Prayer Book Printables for Kids (have students make a prayer booklet)

Crafts For Individual Prayers

Apostles Creed Crafts- (scroll down to these)

Glory Be Crafts- (scroll down to these)

Grace Before Meals Crafts- (scroll down to these)

Guardian Angel Crafts- (scroll down to these)

Hail Mary- (scroll down to crafts)

Nicene Creed Crafts- (scroll down to these)

Our Father/Lord’s Prayer Crafts- (scroll down to these)

Rosary Crafts- (scroll down to these)

Sign of the Cross Crafts- (scroll down to these)

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