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Lesson Plan- (Pre K - K) Creation- Day Seven: On the Seventh Day God Rested

Creation- Day Seven: On the Seventh Day God Rested

Objective: The children will be able to
- retell the story of Creation
- explain what God created
- identify what God did on the seventh day
- state what we are supposed to do on the seventh day
- explain what church is and what we do there
- demonstrate and/or explain why and how to act in church and what it means to respect others (parents, teachers, etc.)

Prayer and questions from last week’s lesson.

Vocabulary Words:

Pick the words that you want to use from below: Creation Theme Word Wall Words
Word wall templates are large flash card printables that you can hang on the wall to aid children when they are learning or using new vocabulary words. Creation Word Wall
Use these printable Word Wall cards to go through the days of creation with your children. There are also key words from the creation story in Genesis chapter 1. (Scroll down for this.)


Circle Time:

God Made the World- The Humongous Book of Preschool Ideas by Group Publishing, page 7 - 9. Read story for day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7. Use Creation Word Wall cards to help the children remember what happened for day one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven.


1. What did God make the first day? Light
2. What did God make the second day? Sky
3. What did God make the third day? Seas, land, and plants.
4. What did God make the fourth day? Sun, moon, and stars.
5. What did God make the fifth day? Creatures in seas and sky.
6. What did God make the sixth day? Animals on land and man.
7. What did God do on the seventh day? God rested.

Introduce lesson: What did God do on the seventh day? He rested.

What are we supposed to do on the seventh day? Go to Mass.

Lesson 1: The Church Is God’s House (Children Discover the Mass by Mary Doerfler Dall, page 8). Church and Respect lesson


We act differently in different places. How would you go into a park? (Skip and run). How would you walk if you were going through a store with your mother or father. (Slowly). How should you walk in church? How do you behave? What do we do when we come into the church? (Have students tell you exactly what you should do from start to the end of Mass: Sign of the Cross after you dip your finger into the stoup, genuflect before you sit down at the pew, stand up when your parents do, kneel when your parents do, cross your arms over yourself when you go up during Communion to receive a blessing, etc.).

Songs and/or Finger Plays:

Introduce songs and/or finger plays: Who created heaven and the earth? God Creation Song Days of Creation Song Creation Songs (several posted here) God Made (finger play) Puggles Creation Finger Play You Are God’s Creation (finger play) I Have Two Eyes (finger play)

Introduce finger play: What are we supposed to do on the seventh day? Go to Mass.

Here’s the Church (finger play)

Here's the church, (fingers interlocked; fingers inside)
And here's the steeple. (index fingers rise to a point)
Open the door (keep fingers interlocked but turn palms up)
Here’s all the people. (wriggle fingers)


Introduce craft: What are we supposed to do on the seventh day? Go to Mass.

Lesson 1: The Church Is God’s House craft- Children Discover the Mass by Mary Doerfler Dall, page 13 & 15. Church Themed Crafts Envelope Church Craft Church Craft Matching Pieces Church Milk Carton Easter Chapels Making Cut Out Foldable Paper Churches Craft a Church Tithing Bank for Kids Church Activity Sheet with stain glass windows you make inside Foldable Church Craft (FREE) Scroll down to these games:
Creation Memory Match Game
Days of Creation Bible Bingo Game
Days of Creation File Folder Game

Introduce game: What are we supposed to do on the seventh day? Go to Mass.

Church or Mass Basketball

Need: Trashcan and 2 balled up pieces of paper for balls.

Directions: Put a trashcan against a wall. Have students line up in two teams behind a chair (to keep them from getting too close to basket). Students then play Horse Basketball, but spell Church or Mass. The first team that spells CHURCH or MASS wins.

What ever happened to good manners in church?- Find out if you know how to behave in church. Roll the die and move that many spaces. Follow the directions on the space you land on. If the space has a Roll Play activity on it, perform it to the best of your ability. If needed, the teacher will help you understand what to do and coach you how to do it correctly. If the space has a picture of person reacting to bad behavior that they had just seen in church, draw a Game Card and read it out loud (if the student cannot read, the teacher or someone can read it for them). Answer the question to the best of your ability (the teacher can coach the student if necessary).


Introduce snack: What do we see inside the church (hold up a crucifix)? Where is it in the church? What does this crucifix mean? Jesus died on a cross for our sins.

Banana Split Cross- Slice a banana in half and make into a cross. Put peanut butter, raisins, etc. on it.


Prayers while students are doing coloring and/or puzzles.

Color Day 7 and make into a book:

Creation booklet (Bible Stories from A to Z, page 16 & 17)- Click on Sample Pages and go to page 16 & 17. The Story of Creation (mini book) Creation mini book (scroll down to this)

C is for Creation (handwriting sheet)- Color the things that God created. (Bible Stories from A to Z, page 18).

Days of Creation Bible Puzzle (scroll down to this) Day Seven coloring page (scroll down for this)

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Creation: Day 7- (handwriting and coloring sheet)

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