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Lesson Plan- (Pre K - K) Creation- Day Six: Animals on Land and Man

Creation- Day Six: God Created Animals on Land and Man

Objective: The children will be able to
- retell the story of Creation
- explain what God created
- identify what God created on the sixth day

Prayer and questions from last week’s lesson.

Vocabulary Words:

Pick the words that you want to use from below: Creation Theme Word Wall Words
Word wall templates are large flash card printables that you can hang on the wall to aid children when they are learning or using new vocabulary words. Creation Word Wall
Use these printable Word Wall cards to go through the days of creation with your children. There are also key words from the creation story in Genesis chapter 1. (Scroll down for this.)


Circle Time:

God Made the World- The Humongous Book of Preschool Ideas by Group Publishing, page 7 - 9. Read story for day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Use Creation Word Wall cards to help the children remember what happened for day one, two, three, four, five, and six.


1. What did God make the first day? Light
2. What did God make the second day? Sky
3. What did God make the third day? Seas, land, and plants.
4. What did God make the fourth day? Sun, moon, and stars.
5. What did God make the fifth day? Creatures in seas and sky.
6. What did God make the sixth day? Animals on land and man.

Songs and/or Finger Plays:

Introduce songs and/or finger plays: Who created heaven and the earth? God Creation Song Days of Creation Song Creation Songs (several posted here) God Made (finger play) Puggles Creation Finger Play You Are God’s Creation (finger play) I Have Two Eyes (finger play)


Introduce craft: What did God make on the sixth day? Animals on land and man. Animal Crafts (scroll down and pick a craft) Animal Crafts (click on the animal, then click on craft) Paper Bag Puppets
Very simple puppets made from small paper lunch bags. You can make a raccoon, dog, cat, rabbit, bunny, mouse, pig, panda, or frog. Paper Plate Elephant Clothespin Giraffe Funny Face Flip Book
Make a Funny Face Flip Book to emphasize that God Made Man.

Handprint Magnets- Place the child’s hands in a shallow container with paint to make a handprint of their hands. Place hands on a piece of paper to stamp their handprint on it. Cut a circle around handprints and stick a sticky magnet on the back. These magnets of the child's handprints are to emphasize, "God made me". You can write this phrase in black permanent marker on the hands prints.

God Made Me- Have each child lie on a large piece of butcher paper and draw around their body. Have the child color the outline to make it look like him/her. When complete, mount the pictures for display along the classroom wall.


Introduce game: What did God make on the sixth day? Animal on land and man.

Name the Animal- Show the students pictures of animals and have the children name them. You can also cover part of the picture to make it a little harder for the children to guess what animal it is.

Introduce game: God made man on the sixth day. What kind of jobs do people do?

Career Bingo- Show a picture or describe a job (community worker, helper, etc.). Have the children identify the community worker. Children then look on their Bingo cards to see if they have that picture of that person on it. Community Helper Bingo (clip art)
Bingo cards and calling cards Community Helper Bingo (photographs)
Bingo cards and calling cards Nice job descriptions here.

You can also make your own blank Bingo cards using pictures or stickers at: Scroll down to Bingo Card Maker Poster board works nicely as well. Cut poster board into bingo card size and draw a bingo board consisting of at least 9 squares. Glue small pictures or stickers of community workers/helpers in spaces. Be sure to make each Bingo card different. Cover with clear contact paper and the Bingo cards will last longer.


Introduce snack: What did God make on the sixth day? Animal on land and man.

Animal Crackers

Gingerbread Cookies- Have the children make Gingerbread Cookies and decorate them to look like themselves.


Prayers while students are doing coloring and/or puzzles.

Color Day 6 and save page to make a book for later:

Creation booklet (Bible Stories from A to Z, page 16 & 17)- Click on Sample Pages and go to page 16 & 17. The Story of Creation (mini book) Creation mini book (scroll down to this)

The Great Bible Big Fun Activity Book: From the Old and New Testaments by Toni Lind
The Sixth Day- Animals on Land. Can you find 7 differences between the top and bottom pictures? Day Six coloring page (scroll down for this)

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Creation: Day 6- (handwriting and coloring sheet)

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