Friday, August 9, 2019

Social Stories for Church

Carol Gray has developed a technique called social stories to help a child with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) understand cues and actions for specific social situations. Social stories are an effective method of providing both guidance and direction to promote self-awareness, self calming, and self-management in responding to social situations. The technique involves creating a short story that describes the situation and includes appropriate actions and expressions. By creating a short story, the situation is described in terms of relevant social cues, anticipated actions and information on what is occurring and why. The stories are written according to specific guidelines based on Gray’s extensive use of this technique. The story is also customized for the individual and their circumstance (Attwood, 1998).

Adams et al. (2004) found that social story intervention decreases a variety of undesirable behaviors exhibited by children diagnosed with ASD. Results of their study support the notion that social story intervention is a useful too in decreasing inappropriate behaviors. Although the problem behaviors decreased, the participant’s use of oral language to express his needs/concerns increased. Furthermore, this study demonstrated that multiple behaviors serving one function can be successfully addressed in a single social story. Using one story instead of four stories to address behaviors appears to be more efficient and effective.

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Social Stories for Church: Going To Mass (with pictures) Going to Mass (scroll down to this) A Great Visual Tool That Helps Children With Autism During Mass Going To Mass Social Story
This social story is about going to Mass. Things you might do at Mass. How to behave during Mass. This book also comes with a set of 12 PECS cards. Going To Church on Easter (scroll down to this) Mass Book, Prayer Book, Confirmation Book, etc. Social Story Going to Mass Book + PECS Autism social story about attending mass and receiving Communion

Websites that have Social Stories: Free Social Skills Downloads Social Stories by parents Social Stories Downloads Social Narratives Social Stories (look under Website Menu for more different kinds of social stories) Social Story Resource Collection

How to write Social Stories: How to Write a Social Story How to Write Social Stories for Children With Autism Examples of Social Stories

Free Pictures to Make Social Stories: FREE Picture Cards to use to make social stories. Browse through more than 100 pages of free printable items suitable for Social Stories (scroll down for these) Social Skills pics 12 Computer Programs, Websites And Apps For Making Social Stories Free Social Stories Creator & Library

*Some children do better with real pictures that can be taken with your digital camera or cell phone.

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