Monday, August 12, 2019

Agenda Book/Student Planner Printable

An organized student stays current on assignments and will achieve success in school. Agenda books help students develop sound organization skills that will teach them a successful lifelong journey through school.

My son used to have an extremely hard time keeping his homework assignments organized and turning them in on time. We have found that an agenda book that is kept in his binder helps tremendously.

His agenda book consisted of the following:

1. calendar
2. daily assignment log for each subject for homework, projects or assignments, etc.
3. date due for assignment(s)
4. space for teachers and parents to communicate
5. teacher signature space for each subject
6. parent signature space on bottom of page

*When my son was in middle school the teachers would at the end of class check each and every student’s agenda book to see if they had written correctly their assignment(s). The teacher would initial it (or use a stamp) to confirm that it was correct. I thought this was a fantastic idea and it also made sure that the students had their assignments written down correctly and they would know when to turn them in on time. Parents also had to sign the agenda book daily to verify that they had read the above and understood what their child was supposed to do.

*I think it would be a wonderful idea to utilize agenda books for CCD. By providing all students with an agenda book for CCD it will allow students to learn to become independent and turn their homework in on time. If your CCD does not do agenda books, you could ask your child’s CCD teacher if they would be willing to do this with your child. The teacher will more likely agree to this accommodation if the student has problems with turning in their homework and if the parents provide the agenda book. It should also be understood by everyone involved that it will be the student’s responsibility to obtain their teacher’s signature on their agenda book to confirm that the student had it filled it out correctly.

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Agenda Book Page- print and fill out

Directions on how to fill out Agenda Book/Student Planner page:

The small blank red calendar clipart is where you write the date.

The white rectangle with lines is the area for assignments.

Due date: When the assignment is due.

Done: A place to put a check mark when homework is completed.

Teacher Initials: Teacher approves agenda book is correctly filled out.

Parent Initials: Parent approves the child’s homework.

Parent/Teacher Notes: An area for parents and teachers to communicate.

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