Wednesday, July 5, 2017

CCD Program Parent/Student Handbook

To establish what the responsibilities are for the CCD student and the parent(s) it is a good idea to have a CCD Program Parent/Student Handbook. The handbook can specify the rules and regulations that the students and parent(s) must follow so there will be no misunderstandings. Having a handbook allows the CCD program to run smoothly and without any problems. It can also inform how the CCD program plans to educate your child and answer many questions that the parents might have.


St. Vincent De Paul School of Religion CCD and RCIC Parent-Student Handbook

St.Albert the Great CCD Program Handbook

Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church

Our Ladies of Victories- CCD Program Handbook

St. Joseph the Worker Roman Catholic Parish- CCD Religion Education Handbook

St. Veronica Catholic Church- Religious Education Parent Handbook

St. John the Baptist Catholic Parish- Faith Formation CCD Parent/Student Handbook

A CCD Program Parent/Student Handbook may consist of:

Mission Statement- Is a brief description of the overall purpose of the CCD program.

Philosophy- Why the CCD program exists, how the program will meet the needs of the students, the objectives, methods, and the results of the CCD program.

Statement of Goals- How the CCD program will accomplish and improve student performance.

Contact Information/Telephone Numbers- Office, DRE, etc. and their hours.

CCD Class Schedule- Days and times of all student classes, schedule of CCD classes for the year, etc.

Curriculum- What curriculum the CCD program uses and for what grades/classes.

Policies- Admission, Arrival/Dismissal, Attendance, Class Assignment, Class Size, Communications w/ Parents & Catechists, Confirmation, Discipline, Dress Code, Early Dismissal, Emergency Procedures, Field Trips, First Communion, First Reconciliation/Penance, Food & Drinks, Grading, Homework, Inclement Weather, Lost Book, Participation at Sunday Mass, Records & Privacy, Registration, Report Cards/Progress Reports, RCIA for Children, Sacramental Preparation, Students with Special Needs, Tardiness, Tests, Visitors, etc.

*In the back of the handbook, on a separate piece of paper that is to be given to the DRE:

Before your child can attend the CCD program this must be signed and dated by the parent(s) and child and returned to the DRE.

Signature of Parent(s) and child with date- I have read the information contained in the CCD Parent/Student Handbook and I agree to abide by its contents.

*What else could be in the CCD Program Parent/Student Handbook? Please leave a comment and add to the list.


RlrcstrChick said...

What about a personalized letter from teacher to parents introducing themself/interest/etc?

It's my 1st year teaching CCD classes and I'm looking for ideas of such to go in welcome packet

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Mine is posted at