Monday, July 10, 2017

CCD Volunteer Form

Before a person can volunteer to help in the religious education at your parish, they must fill out and sign a Volunteer Form. By having prospective volunteers fill out this form it will let them know what help is needed and what the responsibilities are for that particular job. It can also inform them what is required to be able volunteer at the parish.

*Some parishes require each family to participate in one of the activities listed below.

Suggestions of what can be included in your volunteer form:

It has been a long tradition at __________ that our parish family has offered their time and talents. It is through caring, sharing, and praying, that our community has grown in love and support of one another. The CCD Program could not exist if it were not for the efforts of our volunteers. In response to this need, we ask you to volunteer.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL volunteers must have the following two requirements done prior to the start of CCD: (Please check box next to statement if already completed.)

• Background check & fingerprinting
• Training Seminar- guidelines, policies, curriculum, lesson plans, discipline/classroom management, preparation, report cards/progress reports, etc. (for catechists, co-catechists, substitute catechist, aide, and special needs teacher, aide or companion)

Extra Information:

• Catechist Certification (attach copy of certification)
• Previous teaching experience (attach information of previous teaching experience)

Please check what you are interested in.

Catechist- You agree to teach once a week from (date) to (date). You will plan & teach weekly classes, attend catechist in-services and meetings as assigned by the DRE. You will be trained and provided with opportunities for personal Spiritual growth. There will be 2 teachers in a classroom unless you prefer to teach alone.

Do you want your child placed in your class?

Grade Preference- (also include day and time)

Who you like to teach with-

Co-Catechist- You agree to teach once a week from (date) to (date). You will assist the lead teacher in weekly planning & teaching, fill the lead role as necessary, attend catechist in services and meetings as assigned by the DRE.

Substitute Catechist- Fill in for Teachers or Aides when needed. Scheduled to be in office at least once per month.

Aide- Assist the catechist in the classroom as needed; possibly fill in as lead teacher if able.

Grade Level Coordinator- As members of the Religious Education Advisory Board, these coordinators represent their grade level and conduct sessions at staff meetings.

Special Needs Teacher, Aide or Companion- (Circle one.) To teach or help with students with special needs.

Activity Coordinator- Plan & attend large group activities 3-4 times per year. (Specify activities.)

Librarian- The librarian will check-in and checkout books from the library (days and time library opened). The librarian will also shelve books and keep track of our resources. Scheduled at least once per month.

Web Site Programmer- Periodically the CCD section of the parish web site needs to be updated. Basic knowledge of HTML programming and a willingness to collaborate with the Web Team are necessary.

Hall Monitor- Help provide security in the building while classes are in session. Scheduled at least once per month.

Child Care- Help watch the teacher’s children during class in the Child Care Room (days and times Child Care Room is open). Scheduled at least once per month.

Clerical Help- Provide clerical help in the Religious Ed office while your child is in class. Scheduled at least once per month.

Refreshment Committee- Provide refreshments for various meetings or celebrations of the Religious Education Program.

Parking Lot Director- Help direct cars during CCD pick-up and drop off. Scheduled at least once per month.

Please Note: If you are volunteering during CCD classes your children can receive babysitting by the Religious Ed Child Care.

Contact Information- Name, address, phone (home, cell, work, etc.), e-mail, etc.

Signature- to verify you understand the above and that the information you provided is correct.

*What else could be in the CCD Volunteer Form? Please leave a comment and add to the list.

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