Sunday, June 3, 2012

Church Potluck Recipe: Brownies

Too tired to make anything for the potluck at church? When I’m bushed or pressed for time, I always make 2 boxes of these brownies and they are always gone in no time.

Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies

They are the BEST and taste homemade!


happymomonline said...

Agreed! These always go quick...thanks for the reminder!

Amazing_Grace said...

happymomonline- I keep a couple of boxes in my cabinet just in case of emergencies. :)

Brien Kinkel said...

I use 2 boxes Betty Crocker Dark Brownie Mix. Add 1 c. Hershey Dark Cocoa, 1 bag chocolate chips, 2 T. vanilla extract, plus the water, eggs and oil as directed. Do not overbake--keep 'em gooey.
Coconut variety: to all of the above add 1 bag sweetened coconut and 2 T. coconut extract.